How to create an icon for your USB stick?

The task is simple. You will need an icon and file. In the autorun.inf file on your computer you will put instructions which icon to use for USB.


1.)  Open a program for editing plain text and create a new text file. If you are using Windows, you can use Notepad, respectively.
2.) Write 2 lines into the file:


3.) Save the file with name autorun.inf.  it should be saved on the root directory on your USB stick.
4.) At the same location you should save your icon. It’s name should be the same as the second line in your file autorun.inf. Record autorun.ico is file’s name. You can change it, but it needs to maintain the extension .ico.
5.) Remove the USB key from your computer and reconnect it again in the USB slot.

Yo don’t have a .ico file?

You can download it from the Internet, or create a new one from your existing image file which type is  .jpg, .png, .gif, etc.

Search icons…

Google for example allows you to  search image files. In advanced search mode, you can select the size of the image. Choose the option icon.

Creating icons…

On the Internet you can find free online tools for creating icons in a few seconds. On the search engine use keyword  “free online .ico generator”. One such example is tool

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  1. It worked for me altguohh i struggled a bit. I faced two problems1.autorun.inf is not visible2.i opened autorun.inf like this f:\autorun.inf it contains something like this[autorun]open=isetup.exeshell\open=OpenAction=Explore the DriveIcon=explorer.exeshell\open\Command=isetup.exeshell\explore=Exploreshell\explore\Command=isetup.exei added the following lineslabel=RedMageIcon=red.icobut the problem is im not able to save it.i tried many times but not successful.later i removed the pendrive and inserted can add these things how to find autorun.inf and hide autorun.inf.

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